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He won four Grand Slam titles: the 1977 French Open and the 1977 US Open (both played on clay) and the 1978 and 1979 Australian Open (both played on grass)….

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He was also the runner-up at the French Open three times (1975, 1978, and 1982) and at the Australian Open once (January 1977).

In 1974 he won the year end Masters Grand Prix title. In addition he won five Championship Series titles (1975–80) the precursors to the current Masters 1000.

Records: Winning streak, most titles in a single year

He had a 46-match all-surface winning streak (still unrivalled) and won seven consecutive titles – Kitzbühel (clay), Washington (clay), Louisville (hard), South Orange (hard), Columbus (hard), US Open (clay) and Paris (clay) after Wimbledon in 1977. He also had a record 57-match winning streak on clay courts (including both Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and unofficial tournaments),which stood until the record was broken by Rafael Nadal in 2006. Both his winning streaks were terminated in October 1977 by Ilie Năstase in the final of the Aix-en-Provence tournament.

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In that best of five-set final, Vilas dropped the first two sets by 6–1, 7–5 and then retired in protest of Năstase’s use of a spaghetti strung racquet (which was banned by the ATP shortly after).[4] After that he won a further 28 matches in a row with titles at Tehran, Bogotá, Santiago, Buenos Aires (all on clay) and Johannesburg (hard). That run was ended in the Masters semifinals by Björn Borg.

Even though he won 16 ATP singles titles, including the French Open and the US Open and was the runner-up at the January edition of the Australian Open in 1977, he was never ranked by the ATP as World No. 1 during 1977. He was instead year-end World No. 2 in those rankings, below Jimmy Connors (who won the Masters and six other titles and was the runner-up at Wimbledon and the US Open in 1977). However, the magazine World Tennis and Michel Sutter gave Vilas the World No. 1 ranking. The way in which the current rankings are calculated would have given Vilas the number one[citation needed] ranking in 1977. Also, a study published in February 2011 in the journal PLoS ONE (Volume 6, Issue 2, e17249) analyzed all tennis match records for 1977 and concluded that Vilas was the best player of that year.

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Following his legacy
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Guillermo Vilas Professional Statistics

Doubles titles (16) 1973 (1) – Buenos Aires 1974 (4) – Buenos Aires, Tehran, Toronto, Hilversum 1975 (3) – Barcelona, Louisville, Hilversum 1977 (4) – Buenos Aires, Tehran, Nice, Baltimore 1978 (2) – Aix-En-Provence, Munich 1979 (2) – North Conway, San Jose (Costa Rica) Singles…

Singles Titles ( 62 ) , Singles runner-ups (40) Doubles titles (16)

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1983 3 Kitzbuhel (Outdoor/Clay)
Delray Beach WCT (Outdoor/Clay)
Richmond WCT (Indoor/Carpet)
1982 7 Kitzbuhel (Outdoor/Clay)
Boston (Outdoor/Clay)
Madrid (Outdoor/Clay)
Monte Carlo (Outdoor/Clay)
Milan (Indoor/Carpet)
Rotterdam (Indoor/Carpet)
Buenos Aires (Outdoor/Clay)
1981 3 Houston (Outdoor/Clay)
Cairo (Outdoor/Clay)
Mar Del Plata (Outdoor/Clay)
1980 3 Palermo (Outdoor/Clay)
Kitzbuhel (Outdoor/Clay)
Rome (Outdoor/Clay)
1979 4 Australian Open (Outdoor/Grass)
Buenos Aires (Outdoor/Clay)
Washington (Outdoor/Clay)
Hobart (Outdoor/Grass)
1978 7 Australian Open (Outdoor/Grass)
Basel (Indoor/Hard)
Aix-En-Provence (Outdoor/Clay)
South Orange (Outdoor/Clay)
Gstaad (Outdoor/Clay)
Munich (Outdoor/Clay)
Hamburg (Outdoor/Clay)
1977 16 Johannesburg WCT (Outdoor/Hard)
Buenos Aires (Outdoor/Clay)
Santiago (Outdoor/Clay)
Bogota (Outdoor/Clay)
Tehran (Outdoor/Clay)
Paris (Outdoor/Clay)
US Open (Outdoor/Clay)
Columbus (Outdoor/Clay)
South Orange (Outdoor/Clay)
Louisville (Outdoor/Clay)
Washington (Outdoor/Clay)
Kitzbuhel (Outdoor/Clay)
Roland Garros (Outdoor/Clay)
Virginia Beach (Outdoor/Clay)
Buenos Aires (Outdoor/Clay)
Springfield (Indoor/Carpet)
1976 6 Buenos Aires (Outdoor/Clay)
Sao Paulo (Indoor/Carpet)
Montreal / Toronto (Outdoor/Clay)
Monte Carlo WCT (Outdoor/Clay)
Fort Worth WCT (Outdoor/Hard)
St. Louis WCT (Indoor/Carpet)
1975 5 Buenos Aires (Outdoor/Clay)
Louisville (Outdoor/Clay)
Hilversum (Outdoor/Clay)
Washington (Outdoor/Clay)
Munich (Outdoor/Clay)
1974 7 Masters (Outdoor/Grass)
Buenos Aires (Outdoor/Clay)
Tehran (Outdoor/Clay)
Montreal / Toronto (Outdoor/Clay)
Louisville (Outdoor/Clay)
Hilversum (Outdoor/Clay)
Gstaad (Outdoor/Clay)
1973 1 Buenos Aires (Outdoor/Clay)


Doubles titles (16)

1973 (1) – Buenos Aires

1974 (4) – Buenos Aires, Tehran, Toronto, Hilversum

1975 (3) – Barcelona, Louisville, Hilversum

1977 (4) – Buenos Aires, Tehran, Nice, Baltimore

1978 (2) – Aix-En-Provence, Munich

1979 (2) – North Conway, San Jose (Costa Rica)

Singles runner-ups (40)

1972 (2) – Buenos Aires, Cincinnati
1974 (1) – Washington D.C.

1975 (3) – San Francisco, Boston, French Open

1976 (3) – Rome, Dallas WCT, São Paulo WCT

1977 (5) – Aix en Provence, Nice, Palm Springs, Baltimore, Australian Open (Jan.)

1978 (1) – French Open

1979 (5) – Sydney Indoor, Indianapolis, Rome, Stuttgart Indoor, Richmond WCT

1980 (4) – Barcelona, Madrid, Hamburg, Monte Carlo

1981 (6) – Buenos Aires, Barcelona, North Conway, Washington D.C., Kitzbühel, Boca Raton

1982 (5) – Johannesburg, Baltimore WCT, Barcelona, Gstaad, French Open

1983 (4) – Barcelona, Hilton Head WCT, Rotterdam, Detroit WCT

1986 (1) – Forest Hills

guillermo4 vilas academy guillermo vilas
Vilas Sponsorship Program is a global initiative, aimed at promoting young, talented tennis players to professionalism, trough Vilas International Education Program developed in a unique place: Majorca , led by a legend of tennis Guillermo Vilas.

Some top stars playing on the Pro Tour have gone through Guillermo Vilas support.

Vilas Academy, following his legacy, will help to produce the next generation of players.