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The number of annual visitors today hovers around 10 million – most in search of the three S’s: Sun, Sand and Sea, and swamping the local island populace of some 781, 600 people (nearly half of whom live in the capital, Palma de Mallorca).


The climate in Mallorca is typically Mediterranean, with high summer temperatures (exceeding 30 ° C) and moderately low in winter (rarely below 5 ° C). Snowfall is common in winter in the highest peaks of the Sierra de Tramuntana. Being an island, the humidity level is very high.

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Discover Mallorca
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The Plaça d’Espanya is the transport hub of Palma.

The Estació Intermodal caters for buses and trains (the latter controlled by TIB). The two old buildings home to the tourist information and several cafés sit either side of the two large escalators which lead into the Estació, which interestingly enough sits underneath a large and popular park.

The Old City

The Old City (in the south-east area of Palma behind the Cathedral) is a fascinating maze of streets clearly hinting towards an Arab past. The architecture of which can easily be compared with those in streets of cities such as Florence (Italy), for example.
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Tourism for everyone

Time is precious and tourism professionals in Mallorca are fully aware of that. Not for nothing they bring decades of experience to the job of providing services for travel groups. Mallorca continues to be an undisputed leader in the field because it combines the beauty of its landscape and a diverse leisure, cultural, traditional and outdoor offer with an efficient and first…