Sport Core Values

Values that make a champion

What makes a champion? The training and the winning mindset. At Vilas Tennis Academy, we realise the importance of the psychological aspect of training and work with each player to build a solid base of values, sports culture and knowledge that allows reaching higher levels of the tennis game. We promote the values of our sport through discipline and seriousness, even from an early age, without forgetting that tennis is a game and players must enjoy it in order to win.

Our passion is winning

We enjoy competition and we love winning. The coaches of Vilas Tennis Academy train players with the goal of participating in and winning the tournaments of all levels and ages, be it a local competition for beginners or an international tournament. The excitement and the thrill of a competition is what motivates players to train day after day to reach the best results.

We believe in the importance of sport culture

By training at Vilas Tennis Academy, the players not only obtain tennis skills, but also learn about sports culture and history. We take sports education seriously and teach both children and adult players about the core values of sport.

Respect for each player

We believe that respect is an essential value in dealing with each student. Our coaches work under specific guidelines and maintain a respectful relationship with players while bringing a positive attitude to each training session.

Practice makes perfect

Intensive training and consistency are the key ingredients of any success story and we believe in daily work and sacrifice to achieve results. From the coaches of Vilas Tennis Academy, the players can expect an honest evaluation of the state of training and an adjusted training plan.

We make players fall in love with tennis

While tennis techniques and tactics are, undoubtfully, the focus of training at Vilas Academy, we know that genuine enjoyment of the process makes a difference. During the training sessions, our coaches make sure that players enjoy the game and have a good time. Tennis becomes much more than just a game when it makes a player happy when the thrill of a competition turns a hobby into a passion.

To preserve the professional atmosphere during the training process, we have set the directions for parents of players.

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