Parents should have a prudent and discreet attitude, should not interrupt with comments, insults or any other behaviour that could divert the attention of players and the coach. If the parents act in a scandalous way they can cause the young player to lose concentration and this way their performance will be reduced. Parents must delegate the technical work of advising the player to the coach at all times, without questioning the decisions he makes, because if they are questioned, they will not benefit from the relationship with the coach and this can negatively affect the performance of their child.

The words of encouragement of the parents to their children must always be positive and bearing in mind that the training or competition is sufficiently motivating and, therefore, the intervention of the parents can put pressure on the child if it is not done in the proper way. When the player looks at the adults during training or matches they must transmit normality, never nervousness or worry. In line with the above, it is recommended that parents be away from the look of athletes at all times. This will prevent the player from constantly looking for their feedback.

Therefore, parents should make the effort to control their emotions. It is important for parents to maintain calmness (self-control). Parents should encourage respect for the rules and decisions of the coach or referee as well as encourage Fair Play. The example of the parents at that time is very important for children to learn respect. Parents should leave their children autonomous, it is them who must make their own decisions, the one who trains or plays the match is their child and it is sometimes necessary to make mistakes in order to learn to take the right decisions.

The educational practices that a parent should perform in order for his/her child to have a successful involvement in the sport are:

-Support the player in his/her passion for sport (emotional support, financial support, transportation, etc.).

-Parents should model aspects associated with emotionsmotivations, and ethical knowledge.

-It is important not to confuse your unfulfilled dreams with those of your children.


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