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Professional Adult Tennis Coaching

Designed by the legend of tennis Guillermo Vilas, the Tennis Training Methodology of the Academy assures a better level of tennis game for every player that comes to us for training. We use intensive training and personalized approach to tennis lessons to assure the best results.

Intensive training programs

Our tennis programs are designed to provide an intensive tennis training for adults of different levels and different ages. Training sessions are scheduled so that players have enough physical activity to significantly improve their tennis game, while also having some free time to recover and to enjoy other activities and facilities of the tennis club.

Specific techniques for each shot

Attention to details is highly important when it comes to tennis training, and our coaches work with players on specific techniques for each shot, analysing all aspects of the game in order to reach excellence.

Professional coaches

The coaches of Vilas Tennis Academy undergone professional training that allows them to train tennis players with the high level of efficiency. During the course of the training, our players work with different coaches, which helps to analyse the training process from different points of view.

Personalized approach

Each player is different, and in order to get the best results, the training process should be adjusted to each case. While using one training methods, which provides consistency, our coaches analyse the game of each player separately.

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For what tennis tournaments can I train at Vilas Tennis Academy?

At Vilas Academy, adult tennis players can train for any tennis tournaments, be it a regional, national or international one. Furthermore, Vilas Academy hosts various ITF events, including ITF World Tennis Tour and ITF Senior Tournament.

What is Tennis Circuit?

Tennis Circuit, or Tennis Tour, is a format of a tournament that is played at a number of venues over a certain period of time. A season of tennis circuit normally consists of one calendar year. The prizes for tournaments that are held as frequently as few events per week consist of prize money and ranking points.

What adult tennis lessons to choose?

The best option for adult tennis lessons is group tennis sessions in small groups of 2-4 players. Before assigning a player to a group, his/her tennis level and physical performance should be assessed in order to create groups that would suit every player and facilitate efficient training.

Where to train tennis professionally in Spain?

Spain is a world-known destination for tennis training, but there are areas that are more suitable for having tennis lessons. Mallorca is one of the top tennis destinations in the world, thanks to its tennis academies dedicated to professional tennis, to its weather that is perfect for training outdoors all year round, and to its dream-like nature and beaches that offer outstanding options for leisure time.

How does climate affect tennis training? Is training outdoors better?

Climate can affect tennis training in many ways, one of them is the weather conditions for training outdoors. Tennis training outdoors is a better option compared to indoors, as normally, you can train more hours outdoors and can avoid waiting time. This is due to the fact that outdoor training facilities are less costly, so countries with more favourable climate have more training facilities.

How to find a good tennis coach?

Tennis instructor can make your training process incredibly effective or can slow down the progress. When choosing a tennis coach, you should look at the following criteria: experience as a tennis player (including rankings), experience as a tennis coach, references from other players, the work methods and values of the coach, the communication ability and personality of the coach.

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