School for champions

We make the champions of Junior Tennis

By combining the best aspects of training of Guillermo Vilas, we have found the perfect recipe fo the tennis training of juniors. This Tennis Training Methodology, together with the dedication and the experience of our coaches allows us to guarantee that a player will have a better level of tennis after any program of Vilas Tennis Academy.

Professional tennis for Juniors

Vilas Academy provides an excellent opportunity for junior tennis players to feel first hand the excitement of professional tennis while receiving a high performance tennis training program. Each player participates in the training sessions with professional coaches that train all levels, including pro tennis players. Training with different coaches brings variety to the training process and makes it more efficient.

School of Tennis Europe Junior Tour

We are proud to host multiple events of the Tennis Europe Junior Tour and ITF World Tennis Tour throughout the year, where players of different ages can taste the victory of international tournaments and obtain professional titles.

We guarantee a higher level of tennis

Based on intense training and the best techniques, our method guarantees a higher level of tennis for all players, regardless of the background and experience. Personal approach to each player allows us to adjust tennis training program individually for each student.

Monitor the progress of your champion

We understand how important it is to be sure that your child is receiving the best training, that is why we keep parents of our players informed about the progress of training of their children.

Full Boarding Program

For players from 12 years old, we have the option of a Full Boarding Program. The program includes tennis training sessions, accommodation, transfer and balanced meals.

Arrival and departure

It is allowed to arrive to the Full Boarding Program during the weekend, especially in cases of international flights. Player must send complete flight information at least 3 days prior to arrival in order to get vouchers for transfers.

Services of Full Boarding Program

  • Transfer Airport-Academy-Airport
  • Accommodation at the academy’s facilities
    Shared rooms with A/C, Bathroom, and cleaning service.
  • Internet Wi-Fi
  • Balanced meals
    3 meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner at the academy restaurant.
  • Technical training program
    Tennis & fitness (morning and afternoon).

Additional information

Code of conduct

Vilas Academy applies code of conduct for players of competitions of Tennis Europe Junior Tour and ITF, for all players joining programs. Code of conduct includes regulations about behaviour, punctuality, offences, etc.
We care about the effectiveness of the training process and about the atmosphere on the court, that is why we apply rules of behaviour on court for parents.

Suggested items to bring

The items below are based on a one-week stay at the Academy. Students staying for a longer period will need to adjust this list to accommodate their stay. We recommend not bringing any expensive or unnecessary items.

  • 8-10 pairs of shorts / skirts
  • Running shoes
  • Sunscreen/lotion
  • 8-10 pairs of socks
  • Swimsuit
  • Personal toiletries
  • 8-10 shirts / tops
  • Beach towel
  • Light weight jacket
  • Stamps/writing material

Laundry service

Cost of each big bag: 9 €.
Service on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


The program fees do not include any provisions for personal, medical or property insurance.

Postponing a reservation

The full amount paid may be credited toward a future reservation. This credit on file will be held for 15 months from the date of cancellation.

Cancellations less than 7 days before arrival

Cancellations received less than seven days before scheduled arrival or after scheduled arrival date, will result in forfeiture of all fees.

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What is the best age to start pro tennis lessons?

Children can start playing tennis at any age, but if your goal is to train professionally, the age of 5-6 would be perfect for starting tennis training, as children normally have already developed their coordination, attention and psycho motor skills.

How to become a pro tennis player?

The key to becoming a professional tennis player is training. Consistency should be present not only tennis training but also in training methodology that would set the improvement plan for each player. Motivation is important, and the mix of dedication to training and love for the game can easily make a champion. Family support also has an impact on the training process, and positive attitude and encouraging discipline will help the coaching team. Routines and training should be approached with professionalism, as it is in other disciplines such as athletics or gymnastics.

For what tennis tournaments can my kid train in Vilas Tennis Academy?

At Vilas Academy, we train junior players for all types of regional, national and international tennis tournaments. Furthermore, children have the opportunity to compete in the tennis events that we host at the Academy, such as Tennis Europe Junior Tour and ITF World Tennis Tour.

What junior tennis rankings are there?

Each regional or national Tennis Federation has rankings of ages and categories. The most important reference that should be used for junior players will always be the European and World ITF rankings. These classifications are also the ones that allow disputing the most important junior events like the 4 Grand Slam tournaments, Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon or the US Open, that are disputed on the same dates as the events for professional adult players.

How often should my child train?

An optimum training schedule for an intensive tennis program is training sessions for 6 days/week. The number of hours will depend on the age and the level of a player according to the assessment by a coach. Training sessions must include intensive tennis training and specific physical conditioning program that corresponds to the age of a player.

What is high performance coaching in sport?

High performance training is a program, designed to enhance the physical capability of tennis players. These programs include intensive training, where the progress of players is closely monitored and training sessions are tailored to the needs and the level of each player to ensure the improvements and success. Having coaches who work with players in the professional circuit is, undoubtfully, a privilege for a junior player. The ability of a coach to apply the necessary routines to a particular player, as well as the unique technical insights and tips – this is what makes the difference in the development of a child as a junior tennis player.

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