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The best Tennis Holidays in Spain

Spend different holidays and enjoy an active lifestyle in Mallorca with tennis training from Vilas Tennis Academy. The combination of a great climate, magnificent views and professional tennis sessions will make your holiday in Mallorca unforgettable.

1. Why choose tennis for your active holidays?

There is no doubt that active holidays are a great way to spend time, to disconnect from your daily routine and to create new exciting memories. But why choose tennis as a sport for your holiday, you may ask?

Tennis is a perfect sporting activity for those who want to have an active lifestyle and bring some competitive excitement to their holidays. Daily tennis training sessions will help you stay in shape and will turn your holiday into a sporting adventure.

Tennis is a sport that can be played outdoors makes it a perfect option for those who want to fully appreciate the climate of a destination. More than climate, if you choose the right tennis academy in the right destination, you can practice tennis with a spectacular view to the mountains or playing close to the coast.

Tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed by all. Whether you’re travelling solo, with a partner or with your friends or family, you can all enjoy playing some tennis on your holiday. You can choose group sessions with your family and friends and have a fun training all together, or you can opt for doubles training. I you are travelling solo, tennis would be a great way to get to know other travellers in a group lesson, or you can opt for a private class. In any case, tennis is a sport that will bring fun and will complete your holiday.

2. Beginners’ tennis holidays. Get acquainted with the sport.

A sport of choice for millions of people around the world, tennis has its own culture and history, and tennis holidays are a perfect way to get fully acquainted with this sport. Let the professional coaches introduce their passion to you and get to know this wonderful sport.

Players of all levels choose tennis holidays to learn how to play tennis, and they all leave with improved skills and a better physical state. The the spirit of game and competition to the tennis lessons makes training exciting and interesting for players of all levels from beginners to pros.

At your beginners’ tennis holidays, you can rest assured that with a gentle touch and the professionalism of tennis coaches, you will both have a great time practicing and will learn how to play. Tennis is a complex sport, but it is possible to see the results after as little as a few days or a week of training. Tennis holidays are well-suited for beginners, and a group training would be a good choice for a program, as it would allow you to get to know the tennis game in an interactive environment.

3. Singles tennis holidays – what to expect?

If you are thinking of travelling solo and are concerned about what singles tennis holidays would look like, it’s time to put your worries aside. Tennis holidays for single travellers are a trend of active holidays’ industry, and many people choose this option for their trips.

Training in a group with other fellow travellers that share your interests is a perfect way to meet new people and to make friends. And as you are training in a wonderful holiday destination, plenty of leisure options promise great time with your new friends. Solo tennis holidays are great for those who look for new experiences.

Many travellers opt for singles tennis holidays as an option for their trips, and they often choose Spain as a destination. As a tennis holiday destination, Spain is becoming widely popular, so it’s no wonder that tennis holidays in Spain for singles has become a new trend, and more and more people are joining it.


4. Family tennis holidays

A sporting activity can be a game changer for your family holidays. It can unite your family and bring excitement and thrill to your time together. Family tennis holidays mean new interesting activities, exciting games or competitions, engaged and happy children.

Active family holidays with tennis sessions will bring energy to your family members and will help enjoy your holiday to the maximum. You can enjoy tennis sessions together as a family or let your kids have fun with other junior players while you enjoy some relaxing time at the beach nearby.

When choosing where to go on your family tennis holidays, Europe would be the best choice, in particular Spain. The tennis academies there have the infrastructure for a family tennis holiday, and you can be sure that you are going to a safe place, where experienced professionals will take care of your family.

5. Tennis holidays Europe: what destination to choose?

Europe is famous for tennis holidays, and it has various destinations that offer high quality tennis holidays programs. The best tennis holidays in Europe are waiting to be discovered by the travellers and provide them with unforgettable experiences.

When it comes to tennis, players and the sport fans agree that Spain is the country of choice. The sport became wildly popular among Spanish citizens, and the level of tennis game of the country has been growing by the year, reaching its highest results in the last years. Besides being famous for its expertise and experience in tennis training, Spain is a loved tourist destination. Its climate and breath-taking nature attract visitors from all over the world, and its culture and gastronomy promises an unforgettable holiday. These are the reasons why when choosing a destination for your tennis holidays in Europe, Spain should be the first on your list. It is easy to find affordable tennis holidays in Spain, as the abundance of options and outdoor tennis courts allow tennis academies offer the best prices for the interested travellers. Tennis coaching holidays in Spain will surely be an exciting and enjoyable time.

European tennis holidays do not always mean warm sun and beautiful beaches in a combination with tennis training. For those who look for tranquillity or urban experiences, the UK has quite a few regions that will be well-suited. Sussex, for example, promises relaxing time and disconnection, while London is bursting with life. Both places have high-quality tennis facilities and offer tennis holidays programs.

Another option for those who look for tennis coaching holidays in Europe would be Portugal, where you can combine your tennis holiday with water activities such as surfing, or France, where many travellers enjoy sailing and golfing as an addition to the tennis holidays.

6. Tennis holidays in Mallorca

Mallorca is adored by travellers for its unique nature and its rich culture. By combining professional tennis training with the wonders of the destination, you will get a perfect holiday – a different and original trip that will bring a touch of adventure to your lifestyle. The combination of a great climate, magnificent views and professional tennis sessions will make your tennis holiday in Mallorca unforgettable.

Tennis in Mallorca is a sport that locals are proud of, and tennis academies of Mallorca make top rankings of the best tennis academies in the world. There are quite a few Mallorca-born world tennis champions that bring international tennis fame to the island. Mallorca hosts many international tennis tournaments, and players and fans from all over the world are happy to come to this beautiful island.

A great climate of Mallorca promises amazing tennis holidays, as there is plenty of sun, the temperature is always warm and the rain season comes down to a couple of weeks in a year. Training outdoors means fresh air, a fresh breeze of training close to the sea and beautiful views around.

Mallorca is a paradise for holidays, and its magnificent nature is famous among travellers. Crystal clear waters, clean sand beaches and tall mountains make it a dream destination. The views of this island are unbeatable, so you should take the time to explore this beautiful island and discover its charms. Besides breath-taking nature, Mallorca has plenty of leisure options you can enjoy – water activities and entertainment options such as theme parks, bars and restaurants and many more.


7. How to choose the right tennis holiday program

When it comes to choosing your tennis holiday program, you should consider a few things. What is your destination? What is the best time to go to your tennis holiday in this destination? What tennis academy to choose? Does location of my tennis academy matter? What accommodation would be included in the program? What program would suit me best? Answering these and other questions will help you choose the right tennis holiday program, which means that it will help you to make the most of your active trip and to enjoy it to the maximum.

In the popular tennis and tourist destination, tennis academies normally offer special tennis holiday programs – tennis camps. Mallorca, for example, has a wide offer of tennis holidays program, as it is a famous destination for both tourism and tennis. Exerts in what they do, tennis academies of Mallorca know what the best program should include so that travellers have the best tennis holiday experience. A good tennis holiday program should include not only tennis training, but also extra services: facilities in the academy such as pool and resting area that would help you relax after your training, suited accommodation not far from the academy. The location of the academy is important as well: imagine having your tennis holiday program in a tennis academy a few minutes from the beautiful beach and in the outstanding setting of the mountains! That would make an unforgettable experience, wouldn’t you agree?

8. Holiday accommodation with tennis courts or tennis academy with a hotel?

Going on a tennis holiday means choosing an accommodation that would complete your trip and make it even more memorable. Some people start looking for holiday accommodation with tennis courts, while others first choose tennis academy and then look for a hotel to complete the trip. Which is the right order and is it important?

If you are looking for 5 star tennis holidays and want to choose the best hotel, choosing the right academy first might be the best option. Often, tennis academies have partnerships with hotels and together they offer packages that include tennis training and an accommodation. Your luxury tennis holiday can be easily booked on a website of the tennis academy with the hotel that you will love.

If you are an experienced tennis player and look to practice a little on your own during your holiday, looking for hotels with tennis courts may sound like a good idea. But even in this case opting for training at a tennis academy has its perks – professional facilities are one of them.

9. Complete your tennis holidays with other activities

If you are looking to make your tennis holiday even more interesting and exciting, you can combine tennis with other activities. You can choose another sport, or find other activities to enjoy. Sailing and tennis holidays are becoming more and more popular, and travellers more often choose destinations that have access to sea to enjoy both of these sports. Golf and tennis holidays is another trend that attract many people each year.

In case of Mallorca, the offer of activities you can enjoy on your tennis holiday is plentiful. Hiking in the mountains to see the breath-taking views or practising watersports in the turquoise sea – there are many options to enjoy a holiday in a fun way. You will find plenty of fun activities offered by the unique surroundings full of nature and opportunities for excursions.

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What are adult tennis camps?

Adult tennis camp is a tennis training program, designed to facilitate rapid improvements in a tennis game. These intensive programs are attractive to players as they include professional tennis training and leisure time in a wonderful destination. Adult tennis camps are widely popular, as they allow training with expert coaches around the world and positively affect the motivation of a player.

What are tennis holidays?

Tennis holidays is a trending type of active holidays where travellers add sports activities to their holiday. Tennis holidays are popular among travellers of all ages, as it allows to enjoy the holiday to the maximum and continue an active and healthy lifestyle. A natural paradise and leisure options in abundance combine perfectly with tennis training sessions to create the best holiday experience.

What are the benefits of tennis for health?

It is proved that tennis has a positive effect on health. It is aerobic and anaerobic activity, and it improves metabolic function, increases aerobic capacities, lowers body fat, improves muscle tone, strength and flexibility, lowers resting heart rate and blood pressure. Tennis is a non-impact sport, and it is helpful to reduce stress.

Where to go for an active holiday in Europe?

There are many destinations to choose from when planning your active holiday in Europe. The best choice would be a known destination with outstanding nature and touristic facilities that also has a proven record of having experts in the sport you will be practising on your active holiday. That being said, if your choice is a tennis holiday, Mallorca would be the best option for your trip, as it has a professional tennis offer in a wonderful destination.

Is it possible to improve your tennis game in a week?

A week is a long time, and you can improve a great deal in 5-7 days. Tennis is a complex sport, but after a week of training, you would be able to see evident results and improvement of your tennis game. For many, this tennis program can be the first-time trying tennis, and after a week they can expect to understand the game and basic techniques that you can use to play tennis. There are tennis groups for all levels – from the beginners to advanced tennis players.

When is the best time to go on a tennis holiday in Mallorca?

Mallorca is blessed with a wonderful climate that allows training outdoors all year round. Mild winters and hot summers with almost no rain create good conditions for tennis training. The best time to go on tennis holiday in Mallorca would be from April to October, when the island enjoys warm temperatures and when you can enjoy to the maximum all that this travel destination has to offer: its natural wonders, the beaches and more. Winter months are suitable for those travellers who want to find great prices for hotels, as during low season there are plenty of offers for accommodation in Mallorca.

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