Tennis training methodology

that brought Guillermo Vilas to the top

Our training method is based on the techniques and tactics used by Guillermo Vilas during his career that helped him become the world champion. Experience and passion allow us to inspire players of all levels, and individuality and attention to details truly make the difference when it comes to tennis training.

Competitive Environment

We love the spirit of competition. The training programs are designed with the goal of raising the tennis game of the players by creating a competitive environment of intensive training. The coaches of Vilas Tennis Academy work on the development of winning mentality of players, which allows players to not only increase their tennis technique and knowledge, but also to understand how to become independent and self-driven, how to handle the pressure of everyday life and how to push both physical and mental limits day after day. The challenging and competitive environment helps players to win not only on the tennis court but also in life.

Consistent Training Methodology

All coaches of Vilas Tennis Academy use thesame training methodology, designed exclusively by the Academy. During their training at Vilas, our students work with different coaches, and each one of them has a high level of professionalism. The unique training method of Vilas assures that the players learn specific techniques to improve every shot, and the physical training sessions are designed for every age and level. Our coaches advice players on various aspects, such as the movement on the court, the tactical game and the proper physical preparation. During the training sessions, players learn both singles and double tactics.

Personalized Approach

While we insist on a consistency in the training methodology, we also make sure that the training process is personalized to the particular characteristics of each player. The coaches work one-on-one with each player in order to reach the best level of performance. Being experts in tennis training, trainers monitor the evolution of a player, search for patterns in the game of each player and optimize every specific aspect of the training process.

Similarly, individual assistance is always guaranteed in group sessions. Players work in reduced groups of maximum 4 people. The groups are created based on age and level of players.

Video Analysis of Tennis Training

To assure that our players receive the best training, the coaches of Vilas Tennis Academy conduct video analysis of players. This kind of analysis helps to find patterns of the tennis game and to analyse specific techniques of a player thus providing a possibility to design the best plan for improving these techniques.

Specialized on Clay Training

Guillermo Vilas is one of the most famous tennis players on clay: he has 46 clay court titles and a has played a total of 644 matches on clay. The techniques of tennis on clay courts are different comparing to playing on hard courts or grass courts. The students of Vilas Tennis Academy learn specific movements and foot work on clay court, and we use to our advantage the characteristics of clay that allow a longer training without risk of injury.

“The clay multiplies the motions, because as it sticks, it changes the trajectory of the ball at impact. Effects on clay are as important as in billiards. If you donʼt master them, you can't win.”

Guillermo Vilas Interview by Florent Torchut for WeAreTennis Paribas, at Buenos Aires

Educating each player about eating habits

Meals at the campus gourmet restaurant include well-balanced menus designed to benefit to a child’s growth. Every dish is prepared daily with the finest local products to create an exceptional experience guided by a nutritionist with the nutritional plan used by professional tennis players.

We enjoy transmitting knowledge and communicating directly to the player and we have verified the results after more than 30 years of experience with junior and adult players of all levels, from beginner to professional.

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